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2019 Awards descriptions and link
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MPHA has been providing a means to recognize

outstanding achievements in public health since 1963.

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Award Descriptions

Distinguished Service Award

This is MPHA’s highest honor, originating from the work of Mary E. Soules, MD, who was Director of the Disease Control Division of the state health department at the time of her unexpected death in 1972. “Dr. Mary was a friend to all who knew and worked with her and represented the essence of public health. It is fitting that this award be given annually to one person who has exemplified public health principles and practices throughout his or her career in Montana.

  • Outstanding contribution to Montana public health
  • Limited to one award per year
  • Two or more letters of support
  • Other supporting documentation (optional)

    Early Impact Award

    This award honors a public health worker who has made an impact in the first 2-5 years of employment in public health. The award was created in 1996 to honor the life of Marlene Stellmon, a public health nurse and nurse consultant who was known for supporting new public health workers during her employment at the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

    • Working in the field of public health for 2-5 years
    • Potential for a continued flourishing career in public health
    • Limited to one award per year
    • Two or more letters of support
    • Other supporting documentation (optional)

      Exemplary Service Award

      This award honors an individual’s exemplary performance in public health. These awards are given (one per region) to those who provide support/expertise above and beyond what is customary.

      Prominent examples in MPHA history have included the work of Jerry Cormier and Elaine Fordyce. Jerry served as an environmental health specialist in Eastern Montana and was considered the DPHHS’s “one-man eastern office”. He was committed to public safety in the state’s food and pool programs. Elaine Fordyce was a public health nurse who dedicated her life to mentoring others and collaborating with the community in her team approach to communicable disease control. The exemplary work of people like Jerry Cormier and Elaine Fordyce has strengthened our public health system.

        Career Achievement Award (25+ Years)

        WOW! 25+ years! Recognize and honor a colleagues strong commitment to public health by nominating him or her for a length of service award.

        • 25 years of Montana public health service
        • One letters of support
        • Other supporting documentation (optional)

        President's Award

        This award, chosen by the MPHA Executive Board, honors a group of individuals, an organization, or agency whose ongoing work in policy, research, a program, or a project has a significant statewide impact in public health.The MPHA President’s Award was established as a way for public health leadership to show appreciation for ongoing work performed in support of high priority public health issues in Montana.


        Please include details describing the contributions of the nominee, being as specific as possible with dates and locations

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