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Members Only Face Book Page
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The MPHA – Members Only Facebook page is a social media page where MPHA members can talk about professional issues in an unprofessional forum. That doesn’t mean that we will be unprofessional in our behavior, but rather that we will not be limited by the constraints that come with official channels of communication. We can voice our opinions’ or ideas about issues that we may not want to share publicly or at professional meetings. We can take polls, share documents and create events. We can share information and articles which walk on the fringes of Public Health, or provide situational awareness in a disaster. Basically it is the social media version of after-hours events with work colleagues. You know the kind, like: the conference in Billings is done for the night so let’s go to the bar for a few drinks and share some creative ideas about how we can move projects forward, or spit-ball on developing a new campaign at work.

The Members Only page is a place for the good-idea-fairy to get its zany halfcocked ideas out to the rest of the team and get shot down or refined without looking like an idiot in front of the boss. Because it is the place for crazy ideas that came out after a stressful evening chasing the kids around town and are in a half-finished second glass of a red wine labeled ‘decompression.’ You know those kinds ideas, Jen Fladager shares them every 15 seconds (and some of them are great ideas). So while you are all sprawled out on the couch you think ‘I wonder if this fleeting thought is worth remembering.’ And to catch that prospective epiphany, you quickly post it to the Members Only page for peer review before it fades away like last night’s dreams. Or maybe the wine just wants you to share the Public Health Agency of Canada: Coughing Sneezing and You video that you just found on YouTube.

The Members Only page is a ‘closed page’, which means only members can see it. If you are not a member, then you will not find the page with a search; you can’t even see it if someone sends you a link to the page. The only way that you can see the page is if you are already a member.

To become a member you have to be added by an existing member. Existing members can only add people who are their Facebook friends. For example, if Lora wanted to join the page but did not have any Facebook friends who were members, then Lora could not join the page; nor would she be able to find or see the page. For Lora to join the page she would have to become Facebook friends with any existing member of the page (let’s say for example Bridget); then Lora’s new Facebook friend Bridget would have to add Lora by selecting ‘Add+’, typing in Lora’s name in the search queue which pops up, selecting Lora’s profile, and then selecting ‘Add’. Lora would not have to approve, she would become a member as soon as Bridget selected ‘Add’.

The biggest benefit of this page is how user friendly it is. You can get the address for the meeting you are going to on the road from your mobile phone without having to log into a secure server. Just click the address posted in the Facebook event and directions will automatically open up on your phone.  If you forget to bring the agenda, you can pull it right up from the page if it is posted there. You can share photos and tag them so people who are flipping through the page will see your picture and with a hover get a name reminder, then they can call you by your real name next time they see you; and you will not need to be embarrassed for having to correct them and making them, you and everyone there feel awkward #crickets. Or you can post the name of the restaurant everyone is eating at after the conference is over for the night.

If you would like to join the MPHA – Members Only page please send a Facebook friend request to Bridget Justin Kallenberger or me (Ian Michael Thigpen) with a note that you would like to be added to the MPHA – Members Only Facebook page. Then have work fun wherever you have cell service.



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