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2010 Award Winners

Jerry Cormier Award

Jerry Cormier, RS, served as the Department of Public Health and Human Services’ (DPHHS) Environmental Health Specialist in Eastern Montana. To many, he was considered the department’s “one-man eastern office” for decades. Jerry’s was often the first, and sometimes the only, face of DPHHS for business owners and sanitarians in much of the state. His commitment to public safety in the state’s food and pool programs was uncompromising, continuing during serious illness and until his untimely death in 2009. Jerry never stopped emphasizing the role of Environmental Health Professionals in the broader landscape of Montana’s Public Health System. This award commemorates this commitment and honors Environmental Health Professionals who work across our public health programs to strengthen our public health system. Criteria for nomination include:
  1. An environmental Health Specialist who has made an outstanding contribution towards Montana's Public Health System.
  2. Professional and non-professional who have been working in the field of public health for 3-5 years.

Jerry Cormier Award
In recognition of your diligence, dedication and dependability in the field of public health. You are one in a million!

Bridget Kallenberger presenting award to Clay Vincent, RS

Exemplary Service Award: Public Health Worker

This award honors exemplary performance in public health by the individual. These awards are given (one per region) to those who have been nominated as providing support and/or expertise above and beyond what is customary. A letter of nomination is required for this award and there must be documentation of the person' impact on public health.

Scoshy Chandler receives Exemplary Service Award
Exemplary Service Award In recognition of your professional passion & dedication to the nutritional needs of the most vulnerable among us.

Scoshy Chandler, RD

 Rebecca Judd,
Linda Best receive Exemplary Service Award
In recognition of your creative & collaborative approach to addressing the Public Health Emergency Preparedness needs of southwest Montana

Rebecca Judd, Linda Best, RN, Sue Hansen, RN representing McPHEP (Multi-County Public Health Emergency Preparedness)

Exemplary Service Award
In recognition of your outstanding contribution to public health. You embody the heart and soul of what public health is about: To improve Life, health and Safety.

Ginger Roll presenting award to Janet Runnion, RN

Mary E Soules Award

Mary E. Soules, MD was Director of the Disease Control Division of the state health department at the time of her unexpected death in 1972. "Dr. Mary" was a friend to all who knew and worked with her and represented all of what public health is about. It is fitting that MPHA's highest honor and ward be given annually to the one person selected by his/her peers who has exemplified public health principles and practices throughout their career in Montana. Specific criteria to be nominated for the Mary E. Soules award include:
  1. Outstanding contribution towards Montana Community Health.
  2. Professionals and non-professionals are eligible (need not be a member of MPHA).
  3. Selection based upon nominations submitted by the awards deadline.
  4. Current resume', letters of recommendation, and all supporting documentation must be available to the Awards committee by the awards deadline.
  5. Limited to one award per year.

Tamalee St. James receives Mary E. Soules Award
In recognition of your outstanding contribution to public health. You embody the heart and soul of what public health is about: TO improver Life, health and Safety.

Molly Hale presenting award to Tamalee St. James, RN

Elaine M. Fordyce Award

Excellence in Prevention, Investigation and Surveillance of Communicable Diseases

Elaine M. Fordyce Award
In recognition of passion to vaccinate our children & provide them with and Official Montana Immunization Record!

Beth Cottingham, RN with Monty the Immunization Bear

President's Award: Montana Organizations and Agencies

The MPHA President's Award was established as a way for public health leadership to show its appreciation for work performed in support of priority public health issues in the State of Montana. This award, chosen by the MPHA Awards Committee and President, honors an organization or agency whose program or project has a significant statewide impact and meets the following additional criteria:
  1. Montana-based government, public, private, non-profit or profit organizations are eligible.
  2. Must reflect an ONGOING activity in the field of public health.

Billings CARQUEST receives the Presidents Award
In recognition of your willingness to support local & state initiatives & appreciation for your unwavering commitment to Public Health Emergency Preparedness.

Ginger Roll presenting award to Don Davis for Billings CARQUEST Distribution Center

Career Achievement Awards

WOW! 25 years! Recognize a colleague and honor their commitment to public health by nominating them for a length of service award. To be considered, the recipient should be a public health worker who has worked for more than 24 years in Montana.

Marylou Broadbrooks receives the Career Achievement Award
In recognition of patience, protection & passion in public health.

Fran Hodgson presenting award to Marylou Broadbrooks

Karen Dwyer receives the Career Achievement Award
In recognition of living Public Health in all you do for the Sanders County Community

Cindy Morgan presenting award to Karen Dwyer

Oliver receives the Career Achievement Award
In recognition of twenty nine years of dedication to Public Health in Missoula County & western Montana

Ginger Roll presenting award to Greg Oliver